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Designing and making molds for the production of cardboard parts, Consultation and supply of related machines and equipment.

Today, according to the efforts that are being made in the direction of cleanliness and preservation of the environment and preventing the accumulation of non-biodegradable materials in nature, the use of biodegradable materials with the ability to quickly return to nature is more than before. We are. Among them, the role of cellulosic materials is very colorful due to their high biodegradability and also the ability to recycle nearly 100% as a suitable substitute for materials such as foam, polystyrene, plastic, etc.
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The advantages of using molded cardboard pieces in packaging:

  • اInexpensive compared to similar types of plastic and unilite.
  • The possibility of making different forms and shapes required and engraving text and logo on the manufactured product.
  • Occupying a smaller volume during storage due to the placement of parts inside each other, thus saving warehouse space and transportation costs.
  • Flexibility and high ability to absorb incoming shocks.
  • No need to prepare cardboard pieces before packing.
  • Anti-static property (which is important in the packaging of electronic components due to sensitivity to static electricity).
  • Variation in color.

Design and manufacture of molds

Providing 3D mold design and construction services

Consultation and implementation of the production line of cardboard containers:

Including estimation of machinery foundation and implementation cost

Provide after-sales service:

Including mold washing services, lace repairs and related machinery service

There are no restrictions on the design and use of our products

Due to its high ability to form and absorb incoming shocks, reversible cardboard pieces can be used as corner, edge, side, and bottom protectors (dividers, holders, soles, spacers, shock absorbers, etc.) in packaging used primary and secondary.)

It should be noted that according to the definition, primary packaging is usually the smallest unit of distribution or use, and the first layer includes the product, which is in direct contact with the product and includes it. Also, secondary packaging is outside the primary packaging and can be used for To group the primary packages.

All of the above-mentioned items can be used in packing and protecting all kinds of car spare parts, household appliances, electronic components, mobile phones, etc.


Pulp processing: at this stage, the recycled paper is mixed with water in the galandor and becomes a thick paste.


Transfer: In this step, the diluted paste is transferred to the molding press


Molding: In this step, the corresponding molds are immersed in the chamber and the dough is shaped into a mold


Ironing: depending on the form and type of product, one ironing step can be used (for accurate shaping)

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