Technokar Industrial Group

Technokar Industrial Group

Designing & Making dies & tools for Molded Pulp Products

About Technokar Industrial Group:

Technokar Industrial Group started working as a manufacturer of casting models in 1988 and has been working as a designer and manufacturer of various types of molds for the production of cardboard containers since 1996. At present, it manufactures various types of molds and production machines. Products Form Preliminary form is used in the packaging industry and provides services to improve the packaging quality of manufactured parts:

1: Design and manufacture of molds for the production of pulp molded.

2: Manufacture and supply of machines for the production of pulp molded.

3: Supplying different types of pulp molded.

Lower Costs:

  • Reduces labor (no after assembly required)
  • Lower unit cost compared to other forms of packaging
  • Lower tooling cost
  • Price fluctuations are minimal because pulp molding is not linked to gas, oil or resin prices
  • Lower cost of disposal
  • How to work with us:

In order to design and make a molded pulp product`s mold, we need the good`s samples which are going to be packed. Upon to receive the good`s samples, we will start 3D designing by CAD programs and after the final geometrical modifications on the product`s shape, we will start CAD designing of the mold body in order to have it made by CNC machines out of Aluminum or Brass alloys. (In the case which the customer has a molded pulp sample, we can make the

mold in accordance with the sample). The next step is assembling the molds and testing it with the pulp molding machines in order to produce some test samples.

After this step we will send the test samples to customer in order to double checking and send us feedbacks and comments, afterward we will eliminate any failures (if any) and ship the mold to customer.

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