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Packing Solutions, Designing & Making tools for Pulp Molding Industry

We are specialist in making all kinds of tools for Pulp molding industry. we have brilliance experiences to make the molds for Egg tray, Fruit tray, Seeding pots, Industrial protectors and Etc. also we are consultant for supplying of related machines and equipments according to your demands. We have started our activity in 1988 as a manufacturer of casting patterns and afterward since 1996 have been continuing our activities as Mold & Machine maker for “Paper Molded Pulp Products”.

After more than 30 years of experiences and making more than 250 different kinds of molds for paper molded pulp products, now we have gained a leading position in this oriented industry by making various types of molds for: Egg trays, Egg boxes, Fruit trays, Industrial protectors, Seeding pots, Corner and Edge protectors, packaging cushions, Etc.

By using the expert & experienced staffs for designing, making and assembling of molds, we hereby declare our readiness to supply any service for designing and making your required molds for all kinds of molded pulp products in order to improve your packaging`s quality and protection.


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In order to design and make a mold for a molded pulp product, we need the good`s samples which are going to be packed. Upon to receive the good`s samples, we will start 3D designing by CAD programs and after the final geometrical modifications on the product`s shape, we will start CAD designing of the mold body in order to have it made by CNC machines out of Aluminum or Brass alloys. (In the case which the customer has a molded pulp sample, we can make the mold in accordance with the sample). The next step is assembling the molds and testing it with the pulp molding machines in order to produce some test samples.

After this step we will send the test samples to customer in order to double checking and send us feedbacks and comments, afterward we will eliminate any failures (if any) and ship the mold to customer.


About Molded Pulp Products

Molded pulp products can be used widely in the production of Egg trays, Fruit trays, Cup carriers, Medical articles, Industrial protectors, Seedling pots, Corner and Edge protectors, Packaging cushions, Etc. hereunder you can find more details about its application in different purposes:

Industrial packaging

Molded pulp for industrial packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard. It is shock absorbent and protects goods from damage in storage and during transportation. It has excellent anti-static properties and offers superior protection of goods than conventional polystyrene and extruded plastics packaging. It is ideal for sensitive electronic equipment and fragile items. It is much cheaper than conventional plastics based packaging leading to major raw materials cost savings in both the short and long term.

Agricultural and Horticultural products

Fruit trays, Seed trays, seed pots, seed cubes and a variety of horticultural containers may be manufactured from molded pulp. The pulp used is from recycled paper and cardboard. The pulp is 100% nontoxic and biodegradable. Also in seeding pots the pulp material will act as a fertilizer after lying in the soil.

Food packaging

A wide variety of Egg trays, Egg boxes, Can trays, Bottle trays, Jar trays, Etc. may be manufactured using molded pulp. The pulp is nontoxic and completely recyclable. The trays can be made waterproof and oil resistant and may be used in microwave ovens at temperatures up to 200°C.


In comparison with the other using materials, the molded pulp products has many advantages in many aspects which introduce it as the best substitutes for the white polluted EPS and plastic materials. Some aspects are as the follows:

Better Protection

  • Absorbs impacts
  • Superior protection from vibration and shock
  • Soft surfaces reduce scratching or abrasion
  • Unaffected by temperatures
  • Static neutral
  • Configures to any complex or simple shape

Lower Costs

  • Reduces labor (no after assembly required)
  • Lower unit cost compared to other forms of packaging
  • Lower tooling cost
  • Price fluctuations are minimal because pulp molding is not linked to gas, oil or resin prices
  • Lower cost of disposal

More Environmental Friendly

  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Minimal energy used to create
  • Suitable for ISO 14001
  • Sustainable packaging.


  • Able to resist the average temperature 200°C
  • Able to resist hot oil 180°C and permeation
  • No heavy metal
  • Nesting property, which reduces the dead spaces between finished products bunches during transportation and storing.
  • The color of the product surface can be same as the color of the material.
  • Endless color


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